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How much does a mascot cost?

The cost of a mascot will depend on its complexity. As a guide, a simple mascot, like an animal, will cost between R9,350 to R13k (Ex VAT) whereas a complex mascot will range between R12k and R19K. Very complex mascots can cost even more. Very complex mascots can cost even more.

How long does it take to make a mascot?

On average a mascot will take between 3 to 6 weeks to make depending on its complexity.

Do you offer discounts if you buy more than one mascot?

Yes, once we have made the first mascot all the patterns and moulds are done so subsequent mascots of the same design are discounted.

Can you assist in the designing of a mascot?

We have a full time artist who will assist you with your design if required. We can also take your design and check how it could look as a mascot by doing overlays onto the human form.

Can mascots be easily cleaned?

We use fabrics that can be cleaned. During the design we try to make covers detachable for easy cleaning where required.

What are mascots made from?

We use lots of different materials to manufacture mascots. It depends on what character we are making. Take a look at the ‘Development Process’ for a better explanation.

Do you have 'ready made' mascots?

We do have some ‘Ready Made’ animal mascots. You will need to contact us to see what we have in stock as it changes daily.

Are they very hot to wear?

Yes they can be hot to wear. Great care should be taken, especially during the summer season. Our mascots are ventilated and we do offer various cooling system options.

Do you hire out mascots?

Yes we have some mascots in store for hire. Please contact your nearest branch to check what they have available.








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Custom Made Mascots

Theatreland is South Africa's leading manufacturer of Custom Made Mascots. Our in-house design team will assist you throughout the development process from initial designs to final product. We supply throughout Africa and Worldwide. Our unique development process ensures you of a quality mascot which is both light to wear, durable and easy to clean. We also manufacture various optional extra's including Fan Assisted Cooling systems, Cooling Vests, Tote Bags, Branding and Flight Cases. After delivery, Theatreland offer a complete Mascot Maintenance & Storage Service to ensure that the Ambassador of your Brand remains in Tip Top condition for every appearance.

We manufacture mascots for:

Corporate Campaigns - Professional Sports Teams - National & International Sporting Events - Schools, Colleges & Universities - Municipalities & Government Departments - Film, TV & Theatre - Congregations & Education. Check out our GALLERY to view the extensive range of mascots we have created for our prestigious clients worldwide.


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