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Theatreland offers a high quality custom mascot design and development service. Our art department can assist you in taking your mascot vision from conception to a complete custom designed mascot costume. Our very experienced design team will select the best materials and fabrics to ensure a quality and durable end product.


So you are thinking of having a mascot made but do not know where to start ? No problem. Theatreland can help you design and develop your mascot from conception to completion.

Before developing a mascot we must have a good design. Without this we have nothing to work with. A good design will result in a good mascot that will continue to represent your brand for many years. A poor design is quite the opposite. If you already have a design then we can start with the development process. If not, we must work together to design your unique character. Theatreland has an in-house art & animation department to assist you in this. The following Top 10 points must be taken into account when designing a mascot.

1.       What is the mascot to be used for? Typical options are: Meet & Greet, Walk & Wave, Dance & Performance

2.       How many mascots are required. This can impact the development process and save on end costs per unit.

3.       Ventilation and comfort. The mascot must be practical for the wearer. Consider optional cooling systems.

4.       Vision. Safety is very important.

5.       Transport and Storage. How will the mascot be transported. This impacts on size and storage.

6.       Branding. How much branding and where. Artwork for branding.

7.       Dress Code: How is the mascot to be dressed. Optional accessories etc

8.       Company Colours and Fabrics to be used

9.       Cleaning. How to keep the mascot clean and in good condition

10.   Animatronics. Do you require moving eyes, mouths, ears or other special effects.

Once a conceptual idea of the mascot has been agreed, our artists will start the process with line drawings for your approval. From here the mascot design will start to come to life as colour and final details are added to the design to show how the final mascot will look. Once you have approved the design,  we can accurately quote for the mascot(s). Once accepted the development process can begin.

Please take a look at our ‘BEFORE & AFTER’ page to see how important a good design is. Note how the final product replicates the design.


Below is a visual aid on how our development process works and how we produce our high quality mascots.

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Our unique ‘High Impact’  polystyrene heads are durable yet 50% lighter than traditional mascot heads. This lighter style is cooler and easier to wear and does not require uncomfortable wires or ‘head gear’ inside like old style mascots. Using this unique design process our mascots heads are guaranteed to retain their original shape forever, unlike traditional foam styles that go out of shape as the foam degrades.

Once your design has been approved we will send you a quotation. On acceptance of the quotation and payment of a 50% deposit the manufacturing process will begin. We will give you an estimated date for delivery which is usually three to six weeks from confirmation of order. If your requirement is very urgent we will do our best to accommodate your deadline.

The process to manufacture includes design, making a prototype to ensure comfort and fit, sculpting original components and making moulds, casting moulds, pattern design, assembly and characterization. Samples of the materials and colours will be given to you for approval and you must supply us with the artwork for branding where appropriate.


Here are some examples of how close our Mascots turn out from our own designs and designs sent by clients.

View the embedded image gallery online at:


We also offer an ongoing cleaning and maintenance program to ensure that your mascot always remains in top shape to proudly represent your brand. Optional extra’s include cooling systems, battery assisted fan ventilation systems, spare shoes, additional costume parts plus a Tote Bag to protect your mascot during transportation and storage.

Discounts are offered for multiple orders of the same mascot as the designs, patterns and moulds have all been made during the development of mascot 1. If you have used a mascot in the past and it is now looking tired, we can re-create your existing mascot from a drawing or original.


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Custom Made Mascots

Theatreland is South Africa's leading manufacturer of Custom Made Mascots. Our in-house design team will assist you throughout the development process from initial designs to final product. We supply throughout Africa and Worldwide. Our unique development process ensures you of a quality mascot which is both light to wear, durable and easy to clean. We also manufacture various optional extra's including Fan Assisted Cooling systems, Cooling Vests, Tote Bags, Branding and Flight Cases. After delivery, Theatreland offer a complete Mascot Maintenance & Storage Service to ensure that the Ambassador of your Brand remains in Tip Top condition for every appearance.

We manufacture mascots for:

Corporate Campaigns - Professional Sports Teams - National & International Sporting Events - Schools, Colleges & Universities - Municipalities & Government Departments - Film, TV & Theatre - Congregations & Education. Check out our GALLERY to view the extensive range of mascots we have created for our prestigious clients worldwide.


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