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An animatronic device is a mechanized mascot. Instead of a Human wearing a mascot costume, we create a static character and using either electronic or pneumatic technology create movement such as eyes, mouth, arms and legs. It can have simple movement such as an arm waving or complex with moving head, arms, legs and back. An animatronic character can be pre-programmed to behave in a specified manner or controlled remotely. At Theatreland we produce animatronic characters for: In store promotions, Exhibitions, Halloween Displays, Christmas Displays and more!

For further information, contact us on 021 531 5919 for more information.

Foodlovers Market Project

We had the opportunity to create some Animatronic and Static display items for the new Foodlovers store that opened in Somerset West in November 2017. The project was a huge success and we had a blast bringing these guys to life! Check them out below and don't forget to visit the store to see them in action first hand!

Click on the image below to view our channel where you can see the animatronics in action!

Peppa Pig Live!

For the South African tour of the Peppa Pig Live shows, we created the mascots of Peppa, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig. These mascots are equipped with animatronic mouths to create the idea that they are talking. They turned out beautifully and giving them moving mouths really makes the difference, especially for the target market of young kids. make sure you get to watch the show in April 2018!






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Custom Made Mascots

Theatreland is South Africa's leading manufacturer of Custom Made Mascots. Our in-house design team will assist you throughout the development process from initial designs to final product. We supply throughout Africa and Worldwide. Our unique development process ensures you of a quality mascot which is both light to wear, durable and easy to clean. We also manufacture various optional extra's including Fan Assisted Cooling systems, Cooling Vests, Tote Bags, Branding and Flight Cases. After delivery, Theatreland offer a complete Mascot Maintenance & Storage Service to ensure that the Ambassador of your Brand remains in Tip Top condition for every appearance.

We manufacture mascots for:

Corporate Campaigns - Professional Sports Teams - National & International Sporting Events - Schools, Colleges & Universities - Municipalities & Government Departments - Film, TV & Theatre - Congregations & Education. Check out our GALLERY to view the extensive range of mascots we have created for our prestigious clients worldwide.


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